6 клас. Англійська мова - Шкільне життя

Автор: Ковальчук Вікторія Володимирівна

Навчальний заклад: Києво-Печерський ліцей №171 “Лідер”

Feelings and emotions. Giraffes VS Jackals.
Development of communicative skills of speaking and listening with the elements of physiological workshop on «Nonviolent communication» by Marshal Rosenberg.
– to develop the ability to express personal feelings and emotions using constructions I feel (am) +adjective ending with –ed
– to develop the skills of listening for particular information
– to form the skills to analyze and comment the information
– to develop the communicative skills.
– to familiarize students with the physiological theory «Nonviolent Communication» by Marshal Rosenberg
– to develop memory, imagination, attention.
– to develop ability to work in group
– to develop ability to express the thoughts logically
– to develop ability of discussing
– to develop the culture of communication
– to cultivate the respectful attitude in relations with people, ability to understand and be aware of personal emotions and feelings and cope with them in a constructive way, to respect feelings of other people.
Equipment: computer (video, audio), screen, texts for reading.

Формат: PDF

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