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Game “Brain-ring” (8 клас. Англійська мова)

Автор: Шарчук Валентина Мелетіївна

Навчальний заклад: ЗОШ I-III ступенів с. Доросині

Game “Brain-ring”

The themes of brain- ring are: Great Britain, Literature, Holidays, Riddles, Proverbs.

  Round I  Great Britain

1 What is the capital of England? ( London)

2 Haw many people live in London? ( 8 million)

3 There are a lot of bridges over the river Thames. What is the most famous? ( Tower Bridge)

4 What is the oldest  royal church in London/ (Westminster Abbey)

5 What is the name of the famous clock in London? ( Big Ben)

6 Name some English-speaking countries? ( Great Britain, USA, New Zealand , Australia and Canada)

7 What money do they have in Britain? ( Pounds)

8 What is the Home of Queen in Great Britain? (Buckingham Palace)

9 What is traditional tea? ( Tea with milk)

10 What is traditional place in English homes? ( Fire place)

   Round II Literature

1 ” Robinson Crusoe” was written by…( Daniel Defoe)

2 “The Jungle book” was written by…( Rudyard Kipling)

3 “Gulliver’s Travels”  was written by…(Jonathan Swift)

4 What was Mark Twain’s real name ? (Samuel Clemens)

6 Who is the author of stories about “Sherlock Holms”? (Doyle)

7 Which of these literary heroes visited the country of lilliput –  Robinson Crusoe or Gulliver?


8 Where was Shakespeare born?( Stratford – on – Avon)

9 Who wrote” The Old Man and the Sea”? ( Ernest Hemingway)

10 Who wrote “Romeo and Julliet”? (Shakespeare)

  Round III Holidays

1 When do Ukrainian people celebrate Christmas? (on the  7-th of January )

2 When do English people celebrate Christmas? ( on the 25-th of December)

3 When do Ukrainian people celebrate Old New Year? ( on the 14-th on January)

4 When do English people celebrate New Yea’s Day?  ( on the 1-st of January)

5 What do Englishmen usually say to a person on New Yea’s Day? ( Happy New Year)

6 What do Englishmen usually say to a person on his/her birthday? ( Happy birthday to you)

7 When do Ukrainian and English people celebrate St. Valentine’s Day? ( on the 14-th of February)

8 Witch holiday is more popular  New Year or Christmas in Great Britain? (Christmas)

9 What do Americans celebrate on the 4-th of  July? ( The Day of Independence)

10 What do Ukrainian people celebrate on the 24-th of August? ( The Day of Independence)

 Round IV Guess the riddles

1 When does Thursday come before Wednesday? ( in the dictionary)

2 What can fly without wings? ( time)

3 What always keeps both hands in front on it’s face? ( a clock)

4 What man can not live inside the house? ( a snowman)

5 It’s not big. It’s long. It’s ( thin) or thick. It’s made  of nylon. Schoolchildren keep their things in it? ( a pencil- box)

6 It’s long, thick, small. It’s made of wood, plastic or metal

We keep it in our pencil- box  too ( an eraser)

7 What has legs but can’t walk? ( a table)

8 What dog has no tail? ( hot dog)

9 The alphabet is from A to Z. What goes from Z to A ? (a zebra)

  Round V  Finish the proverbs.

1 Another day, another…

  1. a) dollar
  2. b) problem
  3. c) life

2 Nothing is certain except death and…

  1. a) life
  2. b) birth
  3. c) taxes

3 Better late than…

  1. a) anywhere
  2. b) never
  3. c) somewhere

4 Live and…

  1. a) study
  2. b) learn
  3. c) understand

5 So many countries, so many…

  1. a) traditions
  2. b) languages
  3. c) dishes

6 Actions speak louder than …

  1. a) words
  2. b) thoughts
  3. c) people

7 Don’t cross the bridge till you get to …

  1. a) it them
  2. b) it
  3. c) him

8 Half a loaf is better than no…

  1. a) milk
  2. b) meat
  3. c) bread

9 No smoke without…

  1. a) taste
  2. b) mind
  3. c) fire

10 Like father like…

  1. a) grandmother
  2. b) mother
  3. c) son
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