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My friend’s home (3 клас. Англійська мова)

Автор: Шпонько Мар’яна Василівна

Навчальний заклад: Ужгородська спеціалізована школа I-IIIступенів №5 з поглибленим вивченням іноземних мов

Microtopic: My friend’s home.


– to practise pupils’ listening, reading, speaking and writing skills;

-to revise prepositions of place;

-to enrich pupils’ vocabulary on the topic, involving  possessive adjectives his/her/their/our;

– to develop pupils’ imagination, memory and attention;

–  to  have fun.

Learning outcomes: By the end of the lesson pupils  will be able to:

– name  more words  related to the topic;

– use possessive adjectives: his/her/their/our  correctly.

Vocabulary: an air-conditioner, a fan, a swing, a seat, a towel, upstairs

Grammar items: Possessive  adjectives, prepositions

Type : combined

Materials to be used:  Family and Friends 2,CD,Fluency DVD (culture),room flashcards, pictures, HOs

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