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Teenagers’ World of Art (11 клас. Англійська мова) + Презентації

Автор: Сидоренко Ольга Вікторівна

Навчальний заклад: ХЗОШ І-ІІІ ст. № 128 Харківської міської ради Харківської області

Theme:     Teenagers’ World of Art

Tasks of the Lesson:

  1. Educational: to activate vocabulary on the theme; to practice listening, reading and speaking; to develop pupils’ ability to act the roles;  to teach pupils to go into discussion and get some practice at unprepared speaking; to teach pupils to express their opinion on the role of art in the life of teenagers.
  2. Developing: to develop listening, reading and speaking skills; to develop creativity, imagination, language intuition.
  3. Educative: to teach to present projects; to improve team working skills; to instill in students responsibility and initiative in the organization of the lesson and the selection of material.
  4. Socio-cultural: to bring up love for art; to expand knowledge of the culture of the country of the studied language.

Equipment: pupils’ presentations, cards for listening comprehension, textbook “English “  form 11 O. Karpiuk, a computer, a projector, multimedia presentation of the lesson

Завантажити: Teenagers’ World of Art (11 клас. Англійська мова) + Презентації + Сертифікат (Розмір: 1.3 MB, Завантажень: 407)
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