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Подорожі (6 клас. Англійська мова)

Автор: Пилипенко Тетяна Миколаївна

Навчальний заклад: Комунальний заклад «Городнянський ліцей №2» Городнянської міської ради Чернігівської області

Тема: Подорожі.


*To improve and expand the topic vocabulary;

*To facilitate communication skills by eliciting personal experiences and prior knowledge;

*To develop logical thinking;

*To foster students’ creativity and cognitive abilities;

*To discuss issues relevant to the topic and express ideas about the subject by engaging students in making their own projects and slide shares;

*To practice Present Perfect, Past Simple, Present Continuous and Future in the past;

*To motivate students to achieve higher awareness toward English learning, activate their minds and respect their classmates’ viewpoints.

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