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Travelling around the world (5 клас. Англійська мова) + Презентації

Автор: Стангрет Аліна Володимирівна

Навчальний заклад: СЗОШ № 22 м. Чернівців

Topic: Travelling around the world.

Level: Pre-Intermediate

Length: 45 minutes

Objectives: -to inform the students about famous tourist attractions around the world.

-to practice new vocabulary on the topic in oral and written speech;

-to revise the usage of Conditional I

-to practice Present Perfect while talking about students’ own experience of visiting different places;

-to write and present the dialogue on the topic using prompts.

-to expand students’ cultural knowledge on famous British landmark “Windsor Castle”

By the end of the lesson students will be able to:

– name famous places of the world and locate them on the map;

-produce sentences in Present Perfect while describing different places they have visited;

– solve a quiz on the famous landmark “Windsor Castle”

-point out their feelings concerning visiting different places in mini-dialogues.

Equipment: Ppt., pictures of the famous places around the world, handouts, a video ”Windsor Castle”, a video “Friendship song”, textbooks and a blackboard, the map of the world.

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